Style tips: accessorizing blue jeans for winter

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Blue jeans complete many winter outfits. They’re cozy, timeless, and match everything. But, if you’re afraid your denim look is getting a little routine and boring, here’s how to accessorize your favorite pair of jeans each time you venture out of the house.

Great footwear
Nothing sets off a perfect pair of jeans in the winter like high-heeled boots. Whether you slip into a pair of shiny patent leather boots, hand-stitched cowboy boots, or shorter ankle boots, the seasonal look is a fabulous way to stay warm and fashionable when the snow falls.

If you live in a warmer climate, try donning a cute pair of sling-back heels. Opt for closed-toe, solid-colored styles during the winter. Save the floral pattern, peep-toe pumps for summer and spring.

When the sidewalks are icy, venture out in flat-bottom boots. Choose a tall pair that you can pull on over your jeans. Calf or knee height look best with jeans. A colorful pink or red pair of boots will grab attention and amp up your favorite pair of blue jeans.

Fashionable belts
Show off your figure by cinching a belt around your waist. For a loose flowing look, thread a lightweight cotton scarf through the belt loops and tie the scarf at your hip. This goes great with a cropped winter jacket on a mild day.

If you love wearing oversize sweaters with your blue jeans, give your outfit extra shape by slipping a belt over the sweater, low on your hips. This breaks up the blocky look between your jeans and sweater. Go with a glitter-covered belt or a style with an equally eye-catching pattern. Zebra print, anyone?

Winter coats

When you’re all bundled up for winter, your jeans and your outerwear are the first two things you see. So, they might as well coordinate.

If you live in an area with a mild winter, reach for a denim jacket. Make sure the tone of the blue jeans and jacket are the same. Or, go for a completely different color jacket, such as purple. Whether you go with a traditional cut jean jacket, or a girlie three-quarter sleeve jacket with faux rhinestone embellishments, the jacket will pair perfectly with jeans.

When you live in an area that sees snow during the winter, opt for a cute waist-length jacket if the back pockets on your blue jeans are embellished. You don’t want to cover the glam-style!

Just because cool weather is here, doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to get frumpy and boring. Reach for some accessories, and your favorite blue jeans-based outfit will never look ho-hum again.

Photo source: stock.xchng