7 fall wardrobe must haves for 2013

7 fall wardrobe must haves for 2013

Spruce up your style with these gorgeous fall wardrobe must haves . This season is full of sophisticated pieces and earthy elements. What are you going to add to your closet?

Fall beauty

Corduroy jeans

Move over denim, corduroy is in season again. This super-soft material is great for adding some warmth and earthiness to your look. Try a pair of olive corduroy skinny jeans with your favorite pair of booties . Corduroy jackets are another stylish wardrobe essential this fall; they are perfect for creating a layered look.

Knit sweaters

A lot of autumn styles this year have a natural appeal. It is no surprise that cozy knit sweaters have made the list of fall wardrobe must haves. Knit cardigans, sweaters, covers, and sweater dresses speak volumes on down-to-earth beauty.

Anything green

Pair emerald and forest green pieces with this season’s neutral color palette . Green is refreshing, calming, and totally cool. Wear a green blouse with a velvet skirt and corduroy jacket. Try army green pants with a dark autumn top. Stick with dark, deep, and olive greens to pair with autumn’s darker mood .